Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

I normally would have taken another picture since I have a kind of meh expression on my face, but I decided it pretty accurately reflected how I ended up feeling about this outfit. 

Originally, I wanted to wear these cords since it was cloudy and autumnal when I was getting ready, but being July a cardigan would have been a bit to much, too heavy, especially since the weather soon turned bright and sunny. But the lightness of the material in the blouse ended up contradicting the heaviness of the pants, and the  primary tone of the blue was a bit off compared to the earth toned light brown/tan. Next time I might try a t-shirt (not tucked in) or stick with the cardigans and save the corduroy thing for colder seasons. Stay tuned, this is riveting stuff.

P.S. I am an excellent speller, but "corduroy" gave me a minor fit. The first two times I wrote it, I wasn't even close enough for spell check to know what I meant.

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