Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here's where I put up my outfits.

My patterned blouse from the last post was a big hit, apparently. I post on the wardrobe remix at flikr, and that outfit got about a hundred more views than anything else I've ever worn. It just goes to show, even though I have very specific ideas about what's good in fashion, I can't predict what will be popular. It also goes to show you don't have to spend a lot to be cute. That shirt is from Ross, and though I don't remember how much it was, it would likely have been around ten to fifteen bucks. Here's me very excited about the summer weather wearing a perhaps too-short skirt to work on Saturday:

That day our work email account had a reminder to wear professional, appropriate clothing despite the warm weather. Oh, well, I was wearing shorts under it, and the timing was probably a coincidence.

This is a clothing-heavy post. Here's what I wore the next day, which was of course cloudy and cold, since I didn't have to work:

And another example of an item being much complimented, though I almost didn't buy it when I tried it on:

I literally cannot wear this shirt without getting at least one compliment. 


  1. Nice idea that of the shorts under the skirt, are they barely above your hem?

    1. Hello person who commented 3 months ago and may never see this. They are kinda like bike shorts, and I wear them every time I have a dress or skirt on. Total life saver.