Friday, June 11, 2010

Going to a movie

I'm going to see Prince of Persia, which will likely be bad. I've heard from some people it's good, but that's what they said about Iron Man, which was bad. Here's a list of movies that are overrated.

1. Iron Man

Know what's not overrated? My 7 for All Mankind jeans. They are super comfy and good but a tiny tad too big. Commence getting fat to fit in jeans.

UDATE:  I somehow disabled comments on this and the previous few posts, but they are back now, so comment away!

UPDATE 2: THE PRINCE OF PERSIA SAGA: Since CJ and I didn't want to see Prince of Persia that bad, we went with Tori to Cosmic Bingo at the casino. I have previously mocked her quite a bit for going, but we had a ton of fun. We are going back this weekend for her birthday with a ton of people and glowsticks. Because Cosmic Bingo has blacklights. How lame does that sound? SO LAME BUT I PROMISE IT'S WAY FUN.


  1. Joe's list of movies that are overrated:
    1. Pirates of the Caribbean
    2. Harry Potter
    3. Lord of the Rings
    4. Avatar
    5. Glee (that's a show but still..)

  2. YAY for cosmic BINGO!!!!!!Woot Woot!!

  3. Somehow I know that last comment was from Tori...