Friday, June 25, 2010

Beware! Untanned Legs Ahead.

Tuesday was basically the first nice day of the summer that I didn't have to work. Instead of celebrating with a cute summer dress or skirt, I went immediately to a summer guilty pleasure--the short shorts. I don't wear them much if I'm going to be seen in public, since I think way too many girls parade around in them with ulterior attention-seeking motives. But for a lazy sunny day spent mostly at home, I go right for them. Gotta give those white legs some air! And also sunscreen, I'm prone to burns and have a high risk of skin cancer.

Joe and I ended up walking downtown for lunch with our friend Robert. On the way home they were fantasy-casting the movie version of their life, and Robert came up with the best title in the history of titles: The Night Before You Said Hello.

In other good title news, I'm always suggesting really awesome names for when Joe gets his music stuff together enough to start a new band. Awesome meaning really bad. Unfortunately, I can't remember any of them right now, but in the process I came up with a song title I will definitely be using when I record my EP. Joe has always wanted to do a song called Seth Rogan's Laugh, and stemming from that I came up with Matthew Fox's Bad Acting. (Seriously, have you seen Lost? I only watched the finale, but Joe shows me clips and it's pretty lame.) I've already got it half written. Also, my EP is going to be called Yeah! Awww... after all those situations when you think something cool is happening and you get super excited, but then it turns out to be not what you thought. Like you turn the channel on TV and a movie you love is on, but then it turns out to be a commercial for it. Or you find a coupon or discount card, but then you realize it's expired. And you're like "Yeah, this is so cool! Awww, man, never mind." Though I hope people don't have that same reaction to my songs. Maybe I should reconsider...

Here's me in short shorts again on Wednesday, and then in a short dress on Thursday.


I promise to put the legs away for awhile now. The glare from their whiteness has surely burned your retinas.


  1. For those of you who haven't seen the awfulness that is Matthew Fox's acting, here is the legendary clip that me and Kirk make fun of on a regular basis.

  2. Sorry to comment on an old post, but I just wanted to say you have beautiful legs, you should wear shorts more often don't hide such nice legs. :]

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  4. My wife isn't one to wear shorter shorts out in public either (and she's about as white as you, burns to a crisp in the sun, gets all red, then immediately goes back to white, hehe. She hates how easily I tan!) ...but I've gotta say, you have *awesome* legs girlfriend! ...and if you weren't cute enough already, having slightly bowed legs makes you look even better ;). Now what religion is it that let's you have two wives? Mmm... Wups, gotta go! (Wife approaching with blunt object;)
    Seriously though, you look fine without a tan!