Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Labels Day

Wow, having Joe in town severely inhibits my outfit picture-taking and overall blog posting. No photos today, I am comfy on the couch and am going to bed soon and I wore nothing particularly (it took me about seven times to type that right) interesting. I had some cool outfits that went undocumented, oh well I must press forward. Tori and I took Megan to Labels today, she had never been before and I had only been once. We scored big time, seriously where else can you get a flashdancy gray Hollister sweater for three bucks? I don't buy Hollister retail, don't know how I would manage since their fitting rooms consist of black walls and a single bare bulb hanging from a wire. But I've gotten a couple of cool things secondhand. My other scores include a gray and black houndstooth sweater vest, a black tank with satin trim, and a black velvet blazer that turned out to still have the security tag attached when I got home. Home as in, thirty-five miles away from the store. Ah, well, I will be back soon enough since Labels is in the same town as Joe.

Somehow everything I bought was black and gray, but Megan's take was slightly more colorful. She made me lead her around the store and tell her what to try on, resulting in a stack of clothes from which she plucked three major treasures. It also resulted in her giving me approximately 150 looks of uncertainly or disbelief as I held up an item and she shot it down. I did convince her of the major necessity that she buy the gorgeous chocolaty brown Banana Republic blazer we found for like four dollars. Seriously, you can't even get that kind of deal at Goodwill! And our Goodwill is pretty awesome. Beside a couple of other items (including a flower-print dress with elbow-length sleeves I kind of covet), I also found her an amazing necklace for two dollars and fifty cents. How do you do it Labels? I had a phone interview this morning to work two doors away from it, I think I will spend all my expendable income there, resulting in a wardrobe that will fill a five-bedroom house. Did I mention the sixty dollar Chanel bag? Want.

After Labels, more successful shopping including a half-price tribal-print dress with an off-white lace panel at the neck for Megan when she goes to Australia. Sounds super weird, right? But somehow it was amazing. AND it was from JC Penny, one of those stores I find something I like for a good price in only once a year or so, but I continue to go in because I can never forget those rare amazing deals. White scoop-neck tee for ninety-seven cents? Yes please! Brown suede flat-soled boots on sale for forty bucks the day after Christmas? I wear them all winter with my skinny jeans. (Hello cute and stylish Ugg alternative.) I would wear them with skirts, but I have chicken legs and they hit between my ankle and calf, easily the most chicken-like part of my legs.

Sighhhhh I want to go back to Labels right now. Did I mention I gave them some old stuff a few weeks ago to sell and so I had a seven dollar and fifty cent credit towards my purchase? In Labels-land, that's about twenty-five percent off! Moral of the story: Secondhand clothing is my life.

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