Thursday, May 20, 2010


Below is a shot of the aftermath of my 11 pm dinner. Chicken and potato my mom gave me yesterday when I stopped by my parents houseto say hi. Me: Hi Mom. Mom: Oh I just made dinner are you hungry here take something home with you is this okay I can make you something else do you want me to go to the store let me find some Tupperware take two pieces of chicken. Me: Thanks Mom. *walks to my house NEXT DOOR*

So that transcript is an exaggeration, but for serious I never walk out of their house without my mom giving me stuff. The other day I mentioned I was sprouting some zinnias from a kit I got at work but I needed a bigger pot to transplant them into, and I went somewhere, and when I got home there was a flower pot filled with soil on my back porch.

Below is my second version of today's outfit.

I started out with shorts, since it was gorgeous and sunny out. Tori and I even planned to go for a walk to Walgreens, and then borrow my dad's truck when he got home to pick up some deck chairs her parents have for us. Suddenly, from the living room I hear Tori say "It's raining." "Oh," I replied, supposing it was a typical Northwest Washington minorish shower. An hour or so later, I emerged from my bedroom to see that a veritable monsoon was taking place. Not just rain, downpour and high winds. In light of this turn of events, I put on pants, but I stayed with my cool brown faux snakeskin Daisy Fuentes wedges. Not weather appropriate, per se, but my legs were mostly covered and I'm a native so I didn't mind my feet getting wet. Plus the wedges are platform which kept my bare skin from the puddles. I didn't get the shoes in the shot very well, but I'm sure they'll pop up again soon. The shirt is second hand, bought at the amazing consignment shop Labels, originally from Wet Seal. Ok, well it's been fun but I'm missing Jimmy Fallon writing this so gotta go. I only half saw Slow Jamming the News with Bri-Wi, and Seinfeld is coming on soon. AAAHHHH IT'S HUBBLEGOTCHU I HAVE TO GO NOW.

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