Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tropical Color Scheme

thrifted cardigan, UO tank, PacSun skirt, vintage espadrilles

I had several other almost-great shots where I was laying on the ground, but they were all like 90% my legs. Since this is a style diary, not my attempt at attracting random dudes who like looking at my legs, they are now lost to the realms of my laptop recycle bin. Never to be seen, unless a hacker steals my laptop and somehow finds them. Or I become subject to a criminal investigation relating to my computing activities. In that case, someone's gonna see a LOT of bad/weird photos I've taken and deleted. I feel really sorry for that future hypothetical person.


  1. Machst du deine Bilder immer mit Selbstauslöser der Kamera?

    Do you do your pictures always with self-timer of the camera?

    Liebe Grüße, Katrin.

  2. Ahahaha! This post is my favorite of the summer. What happened to August? And October??

    1. Well, I wore a lot of probably super awesome outfits that no one, including me, will ever remember. Also, extreme laziness.