Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is not my idea of a good time

Spring dressing conundrum: it's pouring down rain, windy, and cold enough that I've turned the heat on like three times this weekend. Skirts and dresses call to me, but my intellect and affinity for coziness at all times rule them out. I find my solution in a hot pink cardigan and long pants, which brings a sunny optimism to my day while staving off enough chill to swap out my severely overplayed black boots for shiny faux snakeskin flats. Sadly, my first footwear choice of suede ankle boots, donned with high hopes, were nixed in light of intermittent downpours. 

Fun fact: Intermittent is an awesome word, especially if you pronounce all the t's when you say it. Many of my favorite words can be labelled thusly for no more significant reason than that they sound funny. Like dipthong and foible.

Nordstrom cardigan, Gap t-shirt from Value Village, Roxy pants from Goodwill, mom's old belt, Steve Madden flats


  1. I have the same problem occuring, I keep wanting to dress for Spring but cold weather keeps getting in the way! I love this look nonetheless :)


  2. Great colors! The two shades of gray are so nicely complimented by the magenta.

    I just read your comment about your hair :P This haircut is so hard to describe to a stylist! I brought in pictures to the school I get my hair cut at and they still had problems! It has definitely been an evolving style. It would be so flattering with your fine features and slim frame. Your brown hair would make it unique too :) I see so many short cuts like mine and all are blond!