Thursday, February 24, 2011


Who needs leopard print when you can wear the actual animal? Well, not literally. But you've gotta love the majestic depiction of leopard heads on this skirt. I found it thrifting last week, one of many finds that aren't just for me to enjoy, but you as well. That's right, this baby has been added to my etsy store (link here), and it's up for grabs! It's a great vintage 1980s piece with belt loops and pockets and jungle imagery. Perhaps I was drawn to it in the midst of my current Netflix marathon....I've been powering through Lost for a couple of weeks. So I guess the tropical plant fronds and flowers triggered my subconscious. I'm on season 3 now, which is still excellent, but I've been warned that the show gets ridiculous (not in a good way) soon, so perhaps my voracious episode consumption will slow down and I can get back to things like blogging, job hunting, taking out the garbage, venturing outdoors, etc. 

Goodwill little boy's blazer, Old Navy camisole, vintage skirt, mom's old belt, Jessica Simpson pumps, vintage bracelet (will be added to my etsy store soon)


  1. oh very beautiful skirt, I can see you styling it in a multitude of ways!

  2. That skirt is gorgeous - love how you paired it with a red shirt that really pops!