Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day, Everyone!

I won't begrudge you all the indulgence of pink and red ridiculousness today, cause I'm sure you've all got some killer outfits up your sleeve. Can't wait to check them out. Personally, I'm going a bit more subtle this year. I've pulled out my heart-print skirt (kinda hard to tell, but they ARE hearts not dots), and added a ruffley shirt and socks with bows. In the past I've done everything from decking myself out in red to wearing black in protest. As I said earlier today, Joe and I don't celebrate Valentine's since neither of us really care about it, and our anniversary is the 15th, so it would be crazy to have to plan/buy stuff for both. 

For those of you singles out there, please don't get weird and depressed, cause there's no point. I've spent 25 of my 27 V-Days unattached. I could go into my whole romantic past (or lack therof), but in the end the things that make me really happy about being in love are small and everyday, not grand, complex and dictated by a holiday. 

(This lovely little sign was a Christmas present Joe's aunt, who I've never met, made for me the year we started dating. I'm the cougar, cause I'm older than Joe, and he's the koala for some reason I don't remember. It's one of my favorite things in the world.)

Charlotte Russe top, Sugarlips skirt from Macy's, Target tights, socks from Labels (consignment), Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes, vintage clip-on earring clipped to Icing headband


  1. VD is overrated. The day and the disease.

    I love your blue outfit, though!

  2. Love the top and the skirt! Stunning.

  3. Oh I really love that top! I like the understated Valentine's Day outfit, I think it's more creative.

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.

  4. I like Valentine's day for the candy. :P Cute top and skirt. They go so well together that I thought it was a dress at first.

  5. The only good thing about Valentines day is that it gives us ladies an excuse to dress up all cute and romantic. But then again, who needs an excuse to do that?!

    I love your blouse!