Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey Now!

Oops..its seems as though I have let the good lighting hours get away from me today. Here's a couple of hasty snaps so you can get an idea of my outfit. Yep, same tights as yesterday. What's that you ask? Have I washed them? Um, no comment. Also, I didn't wear them the WHOLE day yesterday. Only most of it.

I saw a craigslist posting that a local store downtown was hiring, so I decided to bring my resume down. In the ad, it asked specifically for those interested to put on a nice shirt and bring their favorite joke. I consider myself to be witty and sarcastic, but I don't do jokes very well. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and wear a nice shirt with a joke on it. If this shirt gets me the job, I'm pretty sure I'll be really happy working there. 

Since I don't have much photo-wise today, I thought I would satisfy some of your insatiable interest about my life (j/k, I know you're all ambivalent at best) and show you my version of a workspace. Presenting, me on my couch with a bunch of junk on my coffee table.

At least fifty percent of my blogging is done from bed. In that case, all this stuff would be on my nightstand

And, as another bonus, check out this screenshot I took from an episode of The Larry Sanders Show:

I know the quality's not very good, but I had to point out how very modern this character's 1992 outfit looked to me. The shirt is actually stretch lace, a trend I've seen all over the place the past few months. Then there's the flowy, ballerina-inspired tiered skirt, a belt fastened high on the waist, and lace-up boots with slightly pointed toes...and socks! I could have gotten some better stills of the outfit closer up, but I just had to get the boots in because they look straight out of this season's Urban Outfitters. Also, Janeane Garofalo was wearing a very blog-ready outfit of a red and black plaid dress, footless black tights and pointed-toe brogues, but I simply could not capture a still that was decent.

Sometimes it just kills me how the cyclical nature of fashion can make me long so much for clothes I once cringed over.

American Rag cardigan, Value Village t-shirt, Macy's skirt, JC Penny tights, vintage boots from Labels consignment


  1. haha that shirt is so funny! and so are you. hope you get the job!!

  2. Were you enjoying peanut butter and Ritz crackers?! Yum! Try PB and vanilla wafers...even better!!

    As for stretchy lace, I'm glad to know I'll be slightly in vogue with the black stretchy lace top with the almost chartreuse tank underneath. I think I also bought a stretchy ivory one. I hit the jackpot at Labels last night!! Lisa

  3. wow The Larry Sanders Show, thats a blast from the past

  4. hey, tshirts get washed after every wear but pants, skirts and tights never get dirty! hahaha
    I love that tshirt, supercute :) thanks for your comment!

  5. this shirt made me laugh, very cute:)
    I love this skirt. Anything lace wins my approval these days.
    Love what you're doing here!

    Love and Such,

  6. This just goes to show I shouldn't throw out ANY of my clothes. I think I'll invest in a bunch of storage boxes instead and just rotate my closet in and out.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!