Friday, January 14, 2011

The *dark* days are...really not even close to being over, actually

Bathroom photos today! Please, don't get too excited. It's a rare treat, I know.

I was wearing the tights Joe got me for Christmas today because many of my other pairs are in the laundry hamper. I kind of liked them with the heart-printed skirt, though I had not previously considered the combination. As I was hanging out in Barnes and Noble, waiting for Joe to have his lunch break, a vibrant older lady spied me and started gushing over the my tights. I thanked her, and then went about my business. Later, I was sitting in a chair reading and she happened to sit next to me. Once she recognized me again, she engaged me in a long and interesting conversation about all kinds of topics. Turns out she has a granddaughter who used to work for Kate Spade, and is now at Betsey Johnson, so she was rather up on fashion. It was fun talking to her, and I don't think I'll ever forget that random encounter. To anyone out there who says fashion and style are pointless, this is a little bit of proof for me that such a statement isn't true. A crazy or amazing garment/accessory can often be a perfect icebreaker. Style can bring people together, make us feel at ease with each other. Passion is passion, and we shouldn't devalue our interests because some people might see it as shallow. 

On an unrelated note, some of you may remember me talking about all my cheap and/or secondhand furniture. In a couple of these shots you can see the Banana Republic cabinet I mentioned, which used to be a glasses display case at an opthalmologist's office. (The glass part on top the frames were displayed in has been removed.) And as a bonus, here's a gargoyle I bought in Paris near the Notre Dam and an issue of Poetry magazine that's supposed to make people think I'm cool and intellectual. They are sitting on my toilet tank.

Goodwill blazer from the boys department, Aeropostale t-shirt discarded by a friend, Sugar Lips skirt from Macy's, delia*s tights, vintage boots from Lables consignment, Goodwill necklace


  1. Love your outfit! And necklace, and braid!

  2. the combination of those tights and the ruffley skirt is fantastic!

  3. I love your skirt and your tights - super cute! :)

  4. love love love the tights with the skirt!!

  5. Love this whole outfit - so cool. I also love the story about the lady at Barnes and Noble. One time, I was on a plane with a lady who had the coolest stories about making her daughter in Houston designer-knock off dresses that got featured in the "Page 6" version of Houston. I found out her name later and she turned out to be a very very wealthy women...seriously. Random people are cool! :)

    P.S. thanks for stopping by my blog. Love meeting new people!

  6. SUCH a good insight, and a great personal story as well! I sometimes feel a little ... silly? embarrassed? over my affection for clothes, because they're "clothes" and clothes/fashion are superficial, supposedly. But I think you're right, and ultimately, how are clothes any sillier than a cooking hobby or a photography hobby or a bird-watching hobby? Why is style blogging any more embarrassing than blogging about economics or religion? I'm slowly coming around to the idea that it's all just perception, and I can like clothes without being shallow. =) Anyhow, great reminder. Thanks.