Friday, December 3, 2010

Feeling flight attendant-y

I've been wanting a pair of over-the-knee socks for awhile now, so when I found a pair yesterday I could get for free with my consignment store credit, I was psyched. (Don't worry, they're new, not secondhand) I couldn't wait to wear them this morning. Getting to wear skirts and have warm legs without wearing tights? Yes please! Don't get me wrong, I love me some tights, but I need a break sometimes. Especially since a lot of mine are sprouting holes. The real trouble with wearing them is that I'm in a bit of a shoe conundrum. My black boots look okay, but not amazing. My old man shoes are white and cream, so the colors don't go. I've got a couple of pairs of heels that work, and a couple of pairs of wedges. But now I'm dying for some nice heeled oxfords. Maybe a nice black suede pair with stacked heels. Or a grayish taupe. Or just one of about a thousand pairs I like. 

I love the detail of the little bows on the socks, and I know they'll be a staple for me this month. I'm already imagining the schoolgirl themed outfit possibilities. The slight scallop edge at the top is pretty, too. It makes me want to get a pair in pale pink and wear tutus and put my hair in a topknot and go see Black Swan. Which opens today and is NOT PLAYING ANYWHERE in my town, so boo. I thought this was a pretty hip community when it comes to movies, but apparently the most anticipated (at least by me) movie since, well, Harry Potter two weeks ago is not good enough. You know what is good enough? The Warrior's Way. Yeah, no. Come on, local cinemas! Get some taste.

Also, I made this necklace, and it's in my etsy store! Go there now or use the link on my sidebar. It can be worn as a necklace or a headband, and it's adjustable. More handmade jewelry to come!


  1. omg those socks are the most adorable thing ever!

  2. Love the socks - look great with those shoes too! Sorries about no Black Swan not playing anywhere near you, looks like a great movie.

  3. So stunning !!!


  4. Love everything, but the dress in particular. Where did you get it?

  5. The dress is a couple of years old, from Macy's. The brand is American Rag.