Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Diary of Lovely's boot shoot

I was visiting a new to me blog the other day called Green Gable, and I noticed a post about her boots linking to A Diary of Lovely, who was calling for readers to shoot their boots share the link with her. At first I thought, that would be cool, but I certainly don't have enough boots to be worth posting about. But guess what you guys! I actually do have a pretty decent collection.

Report furry wedge boots, Vintage black flats, Isaac Mizrahi for Target black heeled

I just got the middle pair a couple of days ago at local consignment store, and they are perfect. I'd been wanting a pair of flat boots for fall, but knew I couldn't afford anything new. It looked like Christmas was my only hope. That is, until these appeared for nine bucks when I was dropping off some old clothes to sell. They appear to be vintage, and the soles have evidence of some wear, but other than that they are in perfect condition. 

Oh, and here's a pointer for anyone else who wants to participate--getting your tall boots to stand up is actually very easy. Just grab a pair of flats and stuff one into the leg of each boot. If they're really floppy, like the heeled black ones above on the end, you might also have to shove a wad of newspaper in the top.

Nomi butterfly pattern boots, JC Penny brown tie boots, Gap slippers

From tall to my other boots. I don't wear the slippers in public, but they are super fun and cozy for lying around the house. I feel so cute and stylish, even in my pj's. They were a gift from Joe last Christmas. 

I'm have to admit...I'm holding out on you guys. I didn't include the children's section Target black boots I've posted a few times. I think those boots are on the way out of my wardrobe. My new black flats replace their function, and are comfier and better made. But I'm not 100% sure yet. They were my first pair of boots, so it's hard to let go. Ok, I guess they should be included. But I don't want to take a picture. So just imagine them. 

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