Friday, July 9, 2010

Pretzel M&Ms: A Review

While searching for an image to post here, I came across two other reviews of the new Pretzel M&Ms. Both reviews were highly favorable. I believe it is my duty to offer a voice of dissent. While I did enjoy them to a certain degree, I was not fully won over. As you can see from the picture, the pretzel ratio is very high, and the chocolate very low. While this is consistent with the amount of chocolate typically used when covering regular pretzels, a combination I agree is delicious and appropriate, it does not serve the shape of the M&M to its full advantage. 

The problem is, it's a round, thick, chunky piece of pretzel, thicker than my palette is used to, and the thin layer of chocolate is not substantial enough to compete with the filling. With M&Ms, it is my contention that the chocolate should be the main attraction, and the flavor, whether it be peanut, pretzel, or otherwise, should be an enhancement. So, while I liked them to a certain degree, I find there is room for improvement. Back to the drawing board, Pretzel M&Ms. So close to greatness, yet so far.

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