Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Year's Summer Wardrobe Essential

Slim dark cuffed denim bermudas. They look great with a casual outfit as seen here:

And they're a great alternative to booty shorts, especially if you don't like showing off too much of the goods. Let's face it, we can all appreciate a little more modesty and sophistication in the world when it comes to summer dressing.  And you can put them with slightly fancier separates as seen here:

Versatility is the key. They are cute and body-conscious, but still conservative. They're a great middle option between too-casual shorts and too-dressy skirts, and look very modern and chic this year. They can go from a barbecue to a nice dinner, and look great with blazers and cardigans. I just got mine, and haven't been able to part with them long enough to wash them yet...three consecutive days of wear isn't THAT bad, is it? Oh, it is? Oops.

Word of warning: really dark washes of denim may dye your thighs so that in the shower you momentarily panic, thinking you have contracted some strange disease that gives you giant blue veins and bruises.

(Thanks to Joe for the photography. He took a normal shot of the second outfit, but I thought this one was funnier.)

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